Dangers of smoking

TOBACCO smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer or are poisonous in other ways.

When tobacco smoke is inhaled, all the cancer-causing chemicals, plus thousands of others, condense to form tar - a thick, sticky liquid which is deposited in the air passages of the lungs. The irritants contained in tar narrow the air passages, cause coughing, increase the production of mucus and damage the tiny hairs which help to protect the lungs from dirt and infection.

Many people take up smoking because they think it is glamourous and sophisticated, but in reality it can cause bad breath, premature ageing of the skin, increased body hair, yellowing or browning of the fingers and teeth, impaired sense of smell and taste, increased production of mucus, an unpleasant ' smokers cough' and a host of fatal diseases, lung cancer. On top of all this, the nasty smell of stale smoke lingers on the hair, skin and clothes.

For more detailed information ask for a leaflet on the subject from Fox Pharmacy.

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